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The Ice Route
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The Ice Route


From ancient times, the accumulation of snow and ice was an industry of intensive use in our land. The conservation of food and therapeutic uses provoked the development of these singular constructions: The "Ice-caves". In this route, we will visit some of the most singular ones. Going trought Moorish castles and valleys that will do that the use of the bicycle is something more than a way of transport. To finish to the feet of one of the mountains most distinguished from our region, Montcabrer (1390mts) and to descend to the village of Agres and his Franciscan convent nailed in full nature.

Rolling we will re-live through the hardness and attraction of these paths, long ago frequented by merchants and smugglers. Dizzy decreases and leafy carrascales and pinegroves, which will do that you discover the pleasure of rolling about our environment.

Route image The Ice Route Features
Time Length 04:00 Distance 38.90 km. Technical Difficulty Medium-High Physical Difficulty High
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