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Route Voltour Bike Extreme
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Route Voltour Bike Extreme


The bridges are the principal feature in which Alcoy is identified urbanistically. His inhabitants are specially proud of these constructions with those who overcome daily the irregularities that the orography marks where one agrees the city. The alcoyanos have in the bridges an own sign of his city beyond getting used to living on them, have managed to elaborate traditionally a popular walk that, like circuit he revises a good part of the city at the time that he invites to the exercise. It is what in Alcoy is known as The volta als ponts. This one is our route, and in honor to this one, the route Voltour bike extreme will simulate the volta als ponts but in the mountains.

It is the hardest and demanding, where the marked differences and the spectacular landscape will satisfy the most demanding people. We are going to cross the surroundings of our region, from the highest summits to births of rivers, crossing paths and ways of all kinds. If you feel prepared, this one is your route.

Time Length 07:00 Distance 98.00 km. Technical Difficulty High Physical Difficulty High
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