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Iberian Route
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Iberian Route


In the summits of our saws, there is an important number of remains of Iberian populations. The vestiges of this Iberian culture is inside  Contestania, region that  includes from the river Júcar, for the north, up to Segura river, for the south, being delimited by the Vinalopó and the Montesa, by the west, and the own coast of the Mediterranean, for this. The Ibero people was an indigenous society, which was living in cities constructed in the tops of the mountains and strongly defended by walls. They were dedicated to the shepherding and the agriculture. They had a primitive social, political and economic organization. His technology allows him the manufacture of weapon and instruments of bronze. Apparently, the abandon of these populations, was due to the strong foreign influences.

Discover pedalling all the remains of this civilization and let your imagination fly into that epoch.

Route image Iberian Route Features
Time Length 02:30 Distance 19.00 km. Technical Difficulty Low Physical Difficulty Low
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