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Behind Al-Azraq fingerprints route
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Behind Al-Azraq fingerprints route


Alcoy was conquered from the Arabs in the middle of the 13th century by Jaume I and annexed from the Kingdom of Valencia. Jaume I sent Alcoy to repopulate with 28 Christian colonists. Nevertheless the hosts of the Half moon even had not said his last word. Diverse groups of Arabic warriors had the whole region frightened with his frequent plunders and assaults to the Christian villas. For this motive Jaume I sent 40 of his gentlemen to defend Alcoy.

On April 23, 1276 the Moors with his ringleader Al-Azraq (in Arab " The blue ", cause he had blue eyes) to the front they were prepared for the siege to the villa. Mossén Torregrossa during the mass before the contest, breathed to the troops and invoked the help to the saint of the day: San Jorge. During the assault, when everything seemed to be lost for those of the Cross a gentleman appeared on the battlements of the castle in a white steed and a cross in the chest causing big you go down in the decree of the Half moon. The Muslims identified it as Walí, sacred warrior of his religion, and the Christians like San Jorge, which with an accurate arrow reaped Al-Azraq's life causing fired between the Moors.

In this route you will investigate for the mountains where they gave to themselves place the wars between the Arabs and the Christians and you will discover all those hiding places where they were besieging.

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Time Length 02:30 Distance 20.00 km. Technical Difficulty Low Physical Difficulty Low
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