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Horchata's route
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Horchata's route


The garden tradition of Alboraya's locality is the most ancient. Already in Roman epoch the lands were cultivated, initially wetlands. It is probably during this settling when there were channelled in a network of irrigation the waters of the Ravine of the Carraixet.

 Alboraya's fertile garden, with his variety of cultures and of labors, possesses a set of agricultural, technical, historical, economic and social values that assimilated by the population, form a part of his culture and habits of life.

Of all the cultures the most singular it is the tigernut, which plant is known for approximately 3000 years. This tuber has his origin in the Sudan, in a region called Chuf, and it was introduced in Spain by the Arabs, in the 8th century, finding the best climate for his production and quality in the north zone of the Valencian garden, concretely in Alboraya and adjacent populations.

Pedal calmly without complications for Alboraya's gardens and knows such a typical process of production of the orgeat in this zone.

Time Length 04:00 Distance 52.00 km. Technical Difficulty Low Physical Difficulty Low
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